100% sustainable animal skin

Raw Materials


Only the best leather

For my creations I use the best vegetable and ecological tanned leather from Spain.

The animal skin is a waste product from the slaughterhouse. If it were not reused by the tanneries, it would enter into a state of decomposition and become another waste product to be disposed of.

Of all the leather manufacturing processes, vegetable tanning with tannins is the highest quality and oldest.

In fact, it dates back to prehistoric times, when humans learned to work the skins of dead animals into clothing, utensils and personal decorative items.

Its slow processing and the skill of master tanners make tanned leather (also called vegetable oiled leather) a unique product, with the ability to age beautifully and not spoil.

In this way the leather becomes an extremely supple, water-resistant and durable material that can be used for a variety of applications.

Since I started in this profession, I have been buying my leather from Jesús Prieto Agüera, C. B, a tannery specialising in environmentally friendly, handcrafted vegetable tanning, located in the town of Villarramiel (Palencia).

The Prieto family has inherited the art of tanning, passed down from father to son, maintaining the highest quality of their skins thanks to a careful artisan vegetable process in which they use compounds and tannins that mother nature offers them, such as quebracho or mimosa.

I like to receive the package with the leather that Javier, one of the Prieto brothers, carefully chooses for my creations. When I open it, the intense aroma that “smells like wood” permeates my workshop and the desire to create floods me.

Environmentally friendly

We are so used to the uncontrolled use of fashion jewellery and accessories made of plastic that we are not aware of the damage it causes to the environment.

Do you know how long it takes for a bracelet made of plastic to degrade? Between 150 to 1,000 years

Costume jewellery that is not made of noble materials is toxic, polluting and generates endless waste in its manufacture, distribution and rubbish when we no longer use it.

If you are one of those people committed to the environment, ethical with the fashion you wear, who appreciates quality jewellery handmade with care, connection, conscience and passion, you are in the right place!

You will find on the web craftsmanship made with ecological leather that will enhance your style.

Between the two of us we will design a unique handmade piece for you. You choose the options and my hands will make a personalised piece of jewellery full of good energy.

Leather on leather, that’s all.

Ancient Tradition

All the jewellery and accessories that you see on the web are handmade with my hands, I don’t use any machinery, recovering the old way of working leather with hand stitching and braiding.

Years ago, through the teachings of different masters I acquired the skill of the different braiding techniques, and I am still learning and researching to offer you the quality of the traditional with the innovation of new trends.

From my workshop I shape the designs, combining leather with natural materials such as minerals, bone, bronze, silver, cotton and hemp. They come from different parts of the world such as Thailand, Morocco, Mali and India.

I am not in favour of using materials derived from plastic and polluting the environment. Don’t you think that it is important to put on our skin ornaments made by hand with noble materials?

 Leather on leather, the best option for handmade jewellery and accessories.

100% Local

Did you know that your local consumption has environmental, social and economic benefits?
You are a consumer and you have much more power than you think, with your purchases you can reward fair and responsible production models.

The main environmental benefit of local consumption is energy savings and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Because by buying local products that respect the environment and working conditions you are supporting sustainable development.

Direct from the leather factory to my workshop, I will transform the leather with my hands and send you your handmade jewellery at a fair and sustainable price.




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