What are dreadlocks?

Many years ago  Dreadlock’s have became fashionable not only amongst young people or rastafaris. Any person may feel like getting one or converting all the hair into rasta. Nowadays dreadlocks are a much more socially accepted hairstyle than in the past – just like hair extensions or brightly dyed hair. It is just a distinct way to decorate your hair.

Why get dreadlocks and who might be interested?

I have observed that wearing dreadlocks has a very varied and different meaning to each person. Some like like the lifestyle, others their comfort, others love the fashion, others might feel  somewhat rebellious or just different from the pile.

I have been working with people of any age and social status for more than 20 years. My youngest customer was 4 years old, the oldest is 70.

I love to listen to what my customers say about why they decide to get their hair done when working the dreadlocks ….it implies a psicomagic sense into my work.

How are dreadlocks put on?

There are different ways to mount a rasta, the best and quickest for me is to card the hair and entangle it with a small needle of crochet giving it form. If should decide to remove it after a while, you could comb the dreadlocks out with my method, instead of cutting your hair. All you need is a good softener, a fine comb and a little patience.

This is a complete craft technique, I do not use chemical products, thread or wax and I do not heat the hair either!

All these years mounting rastas, arrangements and extensions of dreadlocks have converted me in an easy going expert in this crochet technique in addition to some homegrown tricks. Always learning and perfecting, there is no twisted rasta to resist my hand … je, je, je.

There are many myths and taboos which are not true like:

“Dreadlocks are not washable, you have to shave your hair if you want to remove them, they catch lice and many doubts about how to keep them pretty.”

Like any other hairstyle, you have to take some care, too –  to keep them strong and look nice. They are actually quite simple to maintain, with little dedication they will stay nice and so that you will feel comfortable wearing them. The most important thing is to understand that dreadlocks have to receive “solera” (as we say in Cadiz), that means that they have to get formed to take shape and that they need a little dedication from time to time.

I like to shows my customers how to take care of them so that they can feel comfortable with them for a long period.

Where and when can you wear them?


Until a couple of years ago I worked in the handicraft market of El Puerto de Santa María-Cádiz, currently I work in summer on a beach in Alicante, and I travel to Cadiz a couple of times a year and attend to my clients there.

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