Leather necklace “Talisman of the Pachamama”


If what you want is an amulet inspired by Mother Earth, you have already found it. This jewel has been designed and produced from the valley where I live, in complete connection with the rhythm of nature.

A piece full of energy, handmade and made with ecological leather and natural pieces that will give you that daily reconnection you need with nature.

Which of them vibrates more in your tune? Place your power amulet in your house, in the car or wear it. It is an original and elegant design made for you.


The photos are indicative, each piece is unique.

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The Pachamama, according to the Andean cosmovision, is present in everything and everywhere (space/time ubiquity). Each element (be it person, tree, stone) is as important as any other. Pachamama or Pacha mama Mother Earth in Inca mythology, is a goddess associated with the feminine and fertility, offers her gifts to crops, and is considered the spirit of the Earth.

By folding and curving a thick strip of vegetable-tanned leather, I shape the amulet. Each fold wraps around a ceramic or bone ball. I let myself be carried away by the material so that the design takes its final form according to its own characteristics and demands. You will not see another piece identical to yours.

The balls and pieces that I use in these necklaces I got in Amsterdam years ago; I bought them from a nice man who brought them from his country, Mali. Some are balls of bone, others ceramic with irregular shapes and others, the most original, are made of recycled glass.

These colorful pieces attract me because of their uniqueness and their origin. Whenever I use them in my creations I get beautiful and energetic results.

The models you see in the photos are indicative, since each necklace is unique and singular. I don't make two the same.

You have eight color combinations to choose from. The circumference of the necklace is approximately 65 cm and it has a knotted closure to give it the length you want.




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