Note: Photos shown are indicative only. Each piece is unique, different and exclusive.
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Leather necklace “Talisman de la Pachamama”


2 necklaces / 19 € each
fom 3 necklaces / 18 € each

Long leather necklace, made by folding the leather according to the design, combined with carved bone objects of different colors.

The design shall that remind us to live in sync with nature.

The Pachamama, according to the Andean worldview, is present in everything and everywhere (space / time). Everyone (whether a man, a tree, a stone) is as important as anyone else. The holism of the pachamama is characteristic of a collectivist world, affected by a feeling of belonging.

Leather necklace to hang or put in your home, work place or car to connect to the Pachamama.

This design is exclusive to

Length approx 40 cm, it fits over the head and comes with a knotted closure which allows you to wear it longer or shorter, just as you like!

The designs in the photos are orientative, as each piece is unique and exclusive.

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