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Leather necklace “Amulet of the 7 chakras”


2 necklaces / 19 € each

from 3 necklaces / 18 € each

Long leather necklace with ceramic objects. All the necklaces end in a different way, no two are alike. An amulet for the car, the house, the place of work, …. or simply to beautify your chest!

This design is made to remind us of the connection we have with our chakras.

The shape of the leather spiral evokes the kundalini energy. According to Hinduism and some Asian cultures, the chakras are seven energy centers located in the human body. A chakra is a vortex of energy, an opening or door through which energies of different order circulate, which impact, circulate, vitalize, block or over-stimulate the entire human mechanism.

It’s Length is approx 40 cm, it fits over the head and has a knotted closure which allows personal adjustment.

This design is exclusive to

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