Leather necklace Amulet of the 7 Chakras


If you practice yoga, meditation or are a person aware of the energy we have and radiate, this is your amulet. Wearing it is a symbolic act to be aware of your chakras and their balance.

I put awareness into my energy when making it, the leather is ecological and the colored pieces are ceramic, each necklace is different from one another. I don’t make two the same.

This is a handmade and ethical power amulet.


The photos are indicative, each piece is unique.

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10 years ago, after receiving a workshop on energy and chakras, I dreamed of creating an amulet that would give me more awareness and presence with the energy that runs through my body and revitalizes me.

And I literally dreamed up this spiral design that reminds me of the kundalini energy attached to that of the chakras.

When the chakras are balanced, there is a feeling of general well-being: we feel in tune with the universe, and by staying in that state, the chakras open to receive the universal energy of love.

However, if one or several chakras are blocked, all the others begin to malfunction, and we lose our inner balance. For this reason, taking care of our chakras and keeping them balanced is extremely important for life.

Place this piece of power in your home, in the car or wear it, it is an original, energetic and elegant design.

The circumference of the necklace is approximately 65 cm and it has a knotted closure to give it the length that you like.