Leather and skull keychain “Kali Amulet”


The Goddess Kali grants graces and dissolves fear, destroys what keeps the human being separated from his divine source, brings freedom. It attacks all inner obstacles to Enlightenment, such as ignorance and falsehood.

Do you feel that you need the graces of this Goddess? Wear this skull charm as a symbol of that strength and freedom.

This Goddess dances in your life to tell you that it is time to face your fears, recognize them and go through them.

I will make for you this unique and energetic keychain made with noble materials that are friendly to the environment.


The photos are indicative, each piece is unique.

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If you want to help your energy transform reality, this is your amulet.

Kali represents the circle of life. It is at the same time end, death and destruction, and also life and birth. Kali considers that destruction is love, because without it there is no rebirth and therefore love cannot flourish again. He is one of the main deities of Hinduism. It is represented as a black woman who wears a necklace of skulls and more skulls at her feet and in her hands.

Kali's sword is capable of destroying any false consciousness, purifying anyone who deserves it, although her idea of purification usually involves killing the corrupted person. It is responsible for achieving balance in the world. To do this, he must kill and destroy in such a way that everything ends up being in balance.

She reminds us that we must question ourselves, look for other paths and understand where our way of being and relating to others and ourselves originate. Recognize our fears, emotions and behavior patterns. The answers are within you. Internal work and making peace with your "dark" side is very important. Dark not because it is bad but because it is not recognized, it remains in the dark.

I found these hand-carved skulls in Thailand that prompted me to design an amulet in honor of this Goddess. And by folding and curving the leather I created this little jewel that wraps around the skull. A fashion accessory, which is more than a keychain, energetic, comfortable and practical to carry your keys.

The approximate length of the piece is

If you need another measure or want any modification of the design, contact me.

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