Flat Braided Leather Anklet


Explore your style in your taste for leather. May leather become your lifestyle, because it never goes out of style.

Anklets made of genuine leather bring a casual and modern touch to your look for this summer season.

A unisex piece of sustainable leather.


The photos are indicative, each piece is unique.

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If comfort is a priority for you when choosing an ankle brace, this is the one for you.

I make it by intertwining four leather ends making a flat lattice. You will hardly notice that you are wearing it, but everyone will see how good it looks on you.

The oiled leather with which it is made is friendly to the environment and resistant to water.
Imagine a jewel that the more you use it, the more beautiful it gets, since the leather continues to tan and nourish itself in contact with your body. Skin on skin. If at any time you see your leather anklet very dry you just have to apply any moisturizer you have at home. It will regain its brilliance immediately.

You can choose between three colors: brown, hazelnut or bicolor, where the combination of the two colors makes a very nice drawing on the anklet.

Ask me price for groups. It is an original gift for groups of students, sports teams, gang of friends, or vacation companions.



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Take a meter and measure the contour of your ankle. Natural leather always gives a little with use, do not choose a size that is too loose. Any questions contact me.


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