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Ball knot leather necklace with colour symbols


2 necklaces / 25 € each

from 3 necklaces / 24 € each

Leather necklace that combines the round plaited four strip and ball knot technique, setting crystal objects. This design highlights the importance of the colours we use and its symbology. Colours have the ability to calm, inspire, excite, balance or alter our perceptions. Each colour emits characteristic vibrations that come to us in different ways and produce different effects.

Red is the colour of the joy of life, of life force. It represents love and sensitivity. Female cycle

Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea. It is the most spiritual colour of the whole spectrum of the rainbow, it is peace and tranquility, distinction and harmony.

Yellow symbolizes the light of the sun. It represents joy, happiness, intelligence and energy.

White synthesis of all colours, symbol of the absolute, unity and innocence, means peace.

Unisex – The knot clasp allows to adapt to various neck sizes!

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