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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eco-leather or eco-leather?

Contrary to what many people believe, ecological leather is 100% animal-based. Its ecologism lies in its tanning processes, which do not use chemical procedures, harmful to the environment, but rather an artisan vegetable process that uses compounds and tannins that Mother Nature offers, such as quebracho or mimosa.

Do you have any kind of guarantee on these items?

Yes, I stand behind every piece of my jewellery, in its material and design. Any altercation or doubt you have with them you can contact me and we will see how to solve it.

My experience of more than 20 years working with this type of ecological leather makes me able to solve any question on the subject and if I can’t, I have artisan friends to consult.

I have served more than 1000 customers in my online shop and I don’t know how many (countless) customers in my physical shop in Cadiz.

I will be happy to answer your questions and queries…Thank you!

Can the leather of these necklaces, bracelets and anklets get wet?

As they are made with vegetable tanned oiled leather that gives flexibility and resistance to the skin, you can get the jewellery wet in the shower, in the swimming pool or in the sea.

The beads I use are Zamak, ceramic, bone and silver and they are also suitable for getting wet.

Also with use the pieces become more beautiful as they naturally cure on your skin.

How do I care for my leather jewellery?

From time to time you can re-oil the leather of your necklace, bracelet or anklet.

Although the body’s own fat will nourish the piece if we see it a little cracked and not flexible we can re-oil the leather.

Oiling leather serves to increase its resistance to water. This simply replenishes the natural oils that are lost over time.

We can do this with one of the specific products for this purpose such as horse grease or with a normal cream for moisturising human skin that we have in our bathroom.

It is a skin like ours and needs hydration from time to time.

Does the leather give way, i.e. does it get bigger or shrink, does it get smaller?

Leather tanned with vegetable products without chemicals has flexibility, so it tends to give a little at the beginning, that’s why I always recommend to choose a size that is rather tight than loose.

If you have any doubts about this, you can tell me your measurement in a comment when you place your order and I will calculate the size you need.

Is there a difference between leather and fur?

Leather is the name given to a hide that has been tanned. Tanning is the process by which the skin is transformed into an imputrescible material called leather, which is preserved over time and has great commercial value due to its characteristics of flexibility, strength and appearance.

What is Zamak silver plated material and how is it cared for?

This metal is an alloy of 4 metals: Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium and Copper. A mixture that makes it a hard and resistant material.

As it is slightly silver plated, it is hypoallergenic.

It can be treated as if it were silver. Rub with a silver cloth to bring out the shine and when not in use keep it in a closed plastic bag so that the air does not oxidise.

How to energetically clean leather jewellery with minerals?

I show you a practical, simple and effective way to clean and energise our minerals. 

Place the piece of leather with the mineral in a bowl covered with salt all night long, preferably on the night of the full moon, then rinse it with water and dry it. Now you have it clean of external energies and charged with the power of the moon.  You can use it with peace of mind.

Do hair braids get damaged by the water of the swimming pool and the sea?

No, on the contrary, with the water the leather becomes more beautiful, flexible and lighter.

As the leather is oiled with vegetable products, the leather does not crack or become hard in the water. In addition the leather of the braid is hydrated with the products that you use for your hair.

Why this bracelet has a higher price than other leather bracelets that are similar at first glance?

For two reasons, the raw material and the craftsmanship.

The leather I use is top quality oiled leather from ecological tanning.

I buy the whole leather and then cut it into strips to make the braiding and designs, all by hand and in an artisan way.

The durability and beauty of the piece is also reflected in its cost, as it will last for years and will get prettier and prettier every time.

You are not buying a piece of leather, you are buying a piece of lasting art.


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