Power Pieces


Minerals, source of healing

You are a person connected to the energy that surrounds you and when you use a necklace or a bracelet you are looking for something more than decorating your body.

The vibration emitted by the stones and their vital energy, make us be in harmony with ourselves, with the Earth and with the Universe. They concentrate that force of Mother Earth on our chakras, our vital points, both in the body, as well as in the mind, as well as in the soul.

Power jewels have an energy that can help us materialize a change in our lives since they are a connection with our deepest intuition.

Wearing minerals on your skin can activate your energy, cleanse the space around you, or attract abundance. You can wear a necklace with a crystal to enhance your intuition, stimulate your mental abilities or increase your confidence.

You will be right if you give away a handmade natural leather jewel that sets a mineral with the properties that your loved one needs.

Source: My sourcebook for minerals and their properties is The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. Gaia Editions.

If you have a specific idea, a completely different design, don’t give up, you can create your piece of power with the minerals of your choice, in the format you want: bracelet, earrings, anklets or any accessory by clicking here .


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