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Chakras, the flow of your vital energy

Have you ever wondered what the chakras are and how they balance you? In the body there are seven essential points known as “chakras”, which are responsible for maintaining the balance between the body and the mind.

Each of the seven chakras influences a certain area of the body and of life; however, for us to feel good and comfortable in the environment, it is essential that they all be in harmony.

When the chakras are balanced, you get a feeling of general well-being: we feel in tune with the universe and by staying in that state, the chakras open to receive the universal energy of Love.

However, if one or several chakras are blocked, all the others begin to malfunction, and we lose our inner flow. For this reason, taking care of the chakras and keeping them balanced is extremely important for your life.

To activate and balance your chakras you can practice yoga, meditation, visualization, use affirmations or do chromotherapy surrounding yourself with the color of the chakra you want to enhance.

In the colors of the chakras of these leather jewels you will find an easy way to practice chromotherapy and give fluidity to your vital energy.

If you have a specific idea, a completely different design, don’t give up, you can create your piece of power by recalling the chakra(s) you want, in bracelet, anklet or necklace format, by clicking here .


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