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The power of amulets

Carrying these symbolic objects with you makes a direct connection with your intuition and your gifts, empowering your energy and your purposes.

Jewelry, regardless of the culture to which we belong, represents something fine, beautiful, of good taste. But they not only symbolize style, but also something deeper. They reflect who we are, our spirituality and culture.

Human beings have always felt the need to feel protected and guided by something or someone, outside or inside of us. This protection is represented through amulets and talismans, which we use or carry with us because they give us that security , that guide and that care that we need.

In ancient times, amulets were mainly made with elements of nature, such as stones or animal teeth, and were designed so that they could be used in different ways, such as ornaments, brooches, medallions, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Nowadays, we use amulets loaded with symbolism for us without realizing it, is it not true that you wear your favorite earrings that bring you luck when you go to a job interview? And surely you have in your jewelry box that bracelet from your adolescence that you like to wear, and with it evoke that youthful energy with which you like to reconnect.

An amulet is a small piece of art that can help in your life process to empower you and consciously evoke the divinity that you carry within.

Perhaps one of these amulets is the one you need, or we can together design a completely handmade piece of power, with noble and ecological materials for you.

If you have a specific idea, a completely different design, don’t give up, you can create your amulet completely from scratch by clicking here .


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