leather braids

premium leather

Have these leather braids to hook your hair always caught your attention?

People know her by different names; leather extension, hippie braid for hair, louse for hair, rattlesnake braid for hair, etc…

I spent many years placing these braids in the hair of clients when I sold my crafts on the beach in Cádiz.

Some people who couldn’t get to my booth asked me to mail them to them. They loved the quality and color of the balls. And that’s how I started selling hair braids online, before Amazon! he he

Don’t run out of your natural leather braid this summer! I make them with chemical-free ecological leather. You can always wear it since, being authentic leather, it does not fade or give off a bad smell when wet.

In the sea or in the pool you will wear a very summery and youthful look that you will have designed to your liking with the different options you have to choose from.

Yes, yes, you read right! You can choose the color of the braid, the design of the fringes and the color of the balls.

Between the two of us we will design a leather extension for your hair, it will arrive at your house by mail with the instructions to place it in about 4 or 5 days.

And if what you are looking for is one more accessory to remove and put on, I recommend the Piojillo Necklace, the Ibicenco Headband or the Ibicenco Hip Belt. Some handmade jewelry that goes well with any look you wear and will give you a carefree and fun touch.

If you have a specific idea, a completely different design, don’t give up, you can create your braid completely from scratch by clicking here .


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