I have been a leather craftswoman for more than 13 years.

All the products in my online shop are manufactured by myself in traditional techniques, recovering the old way of working the leather with sewn and plaited manually.

I use premium veal skin which is tanned with vegetable oils and comes from Jesús Prieto de Villaramiel in Palencia (Northern Spain).

In the workshop my designs become shape by combining leather with natural materials such as minerals, bone, clay, silver, cotton and hemp. The materials I use come from all over the world, for example Thailand, Morocco, Mali and India.

To me there is an energetic link, an importance between the hands of a craftsman, the materials which are used in the manufacturing process and the skin which will later touch and wear the final product. Therefore I only use noble materials such as leather , stones, bone, clay, cotton, …

Each piece is unique and exclusive as well as the energy that envelops me in the manufacturing process, giving it a deep symbolic and psychomagic sense.

I want to invite you to grub my store to discover a nice and simple bracelet for example or an original amulet that might help you to connect your energy.


“Craft as a social function beyond aesthetics. Craft as an internal process of healing beyond the product, as a way of contact with our inner being. Art as facilitator of the discovery of our highest human potential. ” – This is the foundation I am working on.