I have been a leather craftswoman for more than 20 years.

I was born in the South and accompanied by the breeze of the Atlantic Ocean and the cheerful character of my land, I learnt this trade from traditional craftsmen who passed on their skills and knowledge to me.

I love to recover the old way of working leather with sewing and braiding done by hand, without any kind of machinery.

I use the best ecological tanned leather in Spain. Called oiled leather, it is a flexible, durable material whose beauty grows with the passing of time.

I personally carry out the whole manufacturing process; the whole leather arrives at my workshop from the factory in Palencia, which I cut into strips to braid the leather in different ways, depending on the design.

The jewellery is at your disposal through my website, but I don’t want it to be a cold and depersonalised purchase, my wish is that you feel free to tell me your ideas. If you decide to buy one of my pieces, I will pack it with care and send it by post to your home.

I make my jewellery with people like you and me in mind, who like to decorate our bodies with authentic, environmentally friendly and sustainable craftsmanship.

I currently live in the mountains of Alicante, a beautiful place surrounded by lush nature. My doggy companion, Lecker, takes me for walks several times a day in these places where I get my energy and inspiration for my jewellery.

Like you, I have experienced many adventures and adventures. So as not to bore you, I will tell you what I feel most influences my way of seeing life and my work: I am a Comadre. This means that I accompany people during different processes: motherhood, parenting, life changes, professional or family changes, accompaniment of a dignified death and the organisation of Women’s Circles.

I am trained in different branches of energetic therapies, Human Design, Mayan Calendar, Chakras, Benefits of Minerals, and I have a long experience in counselling and accompanying. All this knowledge and experiences filter into my work and my being.

Each piece that I design and make, from the moment I think of it, is impregnated with the energy that I put into it and the energy that you bring to it when you order it.

I spent several years selling my creations on the beaches of Cádiz. I have always liked dealing with customers, seeing their needs and personalising their leather jewellery as much as possible.

In this website I want to keep the essence of that interaction with you. I will be happy to answer any questions or suggestions you may have. Tell me what properties you need from the mineral that we set in the necklace or what amulet you want to give to that special person.

Together we can design a unique piece for you, personalised and charged with energy and the connection with the nature that surrounds me.

I want to give you the confidence that individual attention and the careful choice of the raw material I know they provide.

The skin between my hands. My jewels on your skin.

100% Sustainable

All my creations are made with animal skin from human consumption only. The tanning process of the leathers I use does not contain chemicals that harm the environment.


I believe in the energetic importance of putting on our skin jewellery and accessories, for this reason I make my pieces in a handmade way and with noble materials.


My aim is to make each piece in an exclusive way. As well as the energy that surrounds me during its realization, which gives it a deep symbolic and psychomagic sense.


“I live the craft as a social function, beyond aesthetics it is an internal process of healing, a way of contact with our inner self.

Art is my means to discover our highest human potential”.


To Hacedora Lola

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